Let’s Hope Together

Let’s hope together, let’s dream together.

Irrespective of age, colour or background.

I think what makes anyone happy is the idea that you can be a help to someone.

No matter how that help is conveyed.


Like a conveyor belt that transports minerals for miles over mountains and terrains.

I hope and dream that someday, you and I, and everyone around us can make a difference.

I don’t know how, but somehow.


Whether bringing physical blessings, or happiness in packages

more than anything I wish and hope and believe that we can bring

hope and love.

Like from the main channel of water springs out millions of tiny streams

with packages of goodness.


Let’s hope together, let’s dream together.

Irrespective of where you are right now in life.

I think we should picture and visualize like having visions.

Blueprint, strategically well thought-out plans.


Because I know close to my heart

and what beats and hits me like sounds of millions of drum beats into the night sky

all over the world echoes over and over again


the cries of women

who feel the bruise and pain of domestic violence


the cries of children

who were dumped by parents into dirty rivers

or thick cruel streets


the cries of little people

sold into slavery so their families would get some form of income


the cries of those buried under rubble of shattered lives

from bombs unrelated to them


the cries of those stuck in a tug of war

they never asked to be a part of


or maybe even those standing inside long endless buildings

with walls closing in because they crave for something more

like love or happiness.



Let’s hope together, let’s dream together.

I don’t care where you are from.

Let’s hold hands, and pray and make a difference

So that somehow someone can be blessed with happiness.



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