These kids, these faces, that’s what hope and fulfilment feels like.  It’s more than the retarded reactions in your system, wrapped in dissimulation that end up with confusion.  It’s more than the chest aches from frustrations that result from convoluted concepts that patronize you from the pages.  There’s no facade, no guile.

That’s why I don’t mind losing sleep over the choreography of the dances.  I don’t mind writing a thousand scripts.  I don’t mind practicing until my feet peel.  It feels like a project that you want to give your all, because you know when you push yourself  to create, you feel glory squeezed out of you, and the reflection of that glory when it detonates into the skies, you know there is no better feeling. It’s like if this was all I was created for, I don’t mind one bit.

I love creating for these kids.  I love these kids.  When they come in through the gates raw and untamed, and you use all your time and energy to mould them into something they themselves are proud to look at.  I’m so excited the days are counting down into dust.  I get to see them soon, and I get to be part of the project that helps each of them tap into their glories.


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