Wake Up

Oi look at the morrow

forget the dead.

I know you were stabbed a million times

and bottling up is toxic so you had to let it out last night

but the sun-rays are here now.


I know you’re only human and you need time to mourn

but I don’t want that grief to turn into a rebellion.


Please wake up

and forget the swamp.

I know you cut your 3 dimensional heart

into a 2 dimensional figure so every part of you could be marked

and in turn it was walked on, and pissed on like a rag


So you did the usual, you let yourself sink into the ice

going numb, lacking tears or emotion

like you do when your loved ones die

or when your heart is violated like that.


I know it’s too much to ask

when I say it’s the new year so let the baggage full of corpse go

because death came a few hours before midnight

But please stop being so hollow it’s a new day.


No, don’t fake it till you make it

because that would be like a mannequin

beautiful on the outside, yet lifeless on the inside

with only the wound alive enough to fester until your whole being start to stink.


You  know miracles can happen.

You are the testament of that.

So if you need a few more minutes it’s alright

but don’t you dare let that corpse become part of you.


Wake up

let go of the dead.

It’s the morrow and sun-rays are all around.

You already know how to heal because you’ve gone through dead icy waters a thousand times.


Let’s start with forgiveness.

Let it go, so you can feel warmth again.

Forgive so you can feel love again.

Be the person you can look into the mirror and know for sure you love.


Hey, your history is not your worth.

Your worth is inside of you.

Not in how you allowed yourself to be treated,

and especially not in mistakes you’ve committed.


I don’t have to remind you that you are a minefield for you to understand.

Wake up, let it go

It’s the morrow and sun-rays are already here.




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