Next Thursday

So all I want to see right now

is the dark morning ride in a taxi,

bird of paradise coming in, so that when I look out the window

it should be cold enough

for me to be excited to see freedom and fresh air.


I kinda want amnesia because I hate confusion.

I’m so indecisive I never know what I want,

So I don’t trust myself and I’m my biggest doubter.

But I want to close my eyes and breathe in the lights

of the airport, that say hey Vanessa, ready to go home?


A month, suddenly looks like a pile of gold,

treasures, and this time I’ll make it a point to remember

to make every moment count because it will be like catching pieces of light


to hold and use each particle when I come back here

let it keep me warm at nights when I’m alone

Or in the midst of storms when my identity is flushed in the rain.


It kinda looks like I’ll be going back to a fuel station

to fill me up again

with love and warmth of home

Gosh, I can’t wait till next Thursday.  ❤




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