Now there is this ability

to spread like wildfire

So when someone with half truths, prejudice and hate mumbles faceless in a million crowds

those around will be heated up

like fire touching millions of incense

those incense already dipped into gasoline,

more than ready to spread the fire.


It hurts more than it does good.

When you click the bird and its cousins.

You say everyone is entitled to free speech and their opinion.

But can’t we pause to see what impact these words will do?

It’s like creating more problems every time you hate speech.


I’m not saying we ignore issues

I’m saying we think before we spread hate.

If it’s racism, what can you do to fix it

If it’s terrorism, what should be done to fix it

If it’s things you don’t agree with, what can be done to fix it.


Instead of playing the blame game and pointing fingers

saying I’m good, you’re different so you’re the enemy.

Stop the unnecessary sparking of wildfires

because all we do is hate

and hate

and hate and hate some more


That when you walk away from the screen that makes you invincible

All you feel is the fire of conflicts, injustice, chaos, murder, pain,

You walk away angry, crueler than you were before you touched the screen.


So when you walk down the street

or meet your colleague

you smile

with underlying streaks of invisible unstoppable hate.


To think this is just a clone of billions of others

Doing the same thing

walking the same cycle

of clicking the bird and its cousins

spreading wildfires

and walking down the street with hypocrisy.


And sooner rather than later

it pops

Like pressure building up ‘till you can’t take it anymore

And you hear the call echoing “hate crime”

over the mountains, across skyscrapers

All over the news, the media won’t stop saying

and you look up, into the screen

and you see your face staring back at you.


So hey, let’s forgive a little more

Let’s love a little more

maybe if we overcome and repay them with love

perhaps the incense would cool down

and instead of spreading like wildfire

release sweet smelling fragrance into the air

because for once we overlooked differences

and decided to let go and love.



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