Coffee makes one ambitious.

Or is that just me?

It’s like it wakes you up psychologically.


Like I was in a deep slumber, and then somehow with 11 cups, I see future.

I see growth,

I see the patheticalness of certain decisions made today

I see silly ideas, magnifying stupidity, being upset and restless

over one’s own petty fall-outs with self.


Solutions suddenly flying  out of places I didn’t know existed,

pictures once blurred now so clear,

hate dissolving and love blooming

like cherry blossoms blooming out of lava

from Hawaiian volcanoes,

softer view towards self,

and loving even more.


Out of sync with self results in vexation,

that is having unrealistic expectations of self, then punching the reflection till the mirror bleeds.


Coffee, why you so kind?

Why do you organize me?

Why do you put my guard down

till I lose that ability to care.

It feels like you wash away the filters

the way corroding chemicals mix with human tissues.


See all that’s within view now

are completed assignments, good grades,

growing taller

and drinking more coffee till the

dawn of the really cool me arrives.




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