Dear doubt, please go bury yourself in the grave,

or get cremated, or go drown in the ocean.

The lecturer said this stuff is not hard,

it’s only that you got to spend time on it.

How many times do we have to hear the words

don’t fall behind,

don’t leave it for the dawn

and don’t settle for instant gratification.

Then we all go hating

on the echoes,

the reflections,

the transferred images shown in our pupils.

Tell the whole world we’re not good enough

or smart enough, or confident enough.

Screaming the awkward and uncomfortable

and for what exactly?

To show your commitment to being slack

or your commitment to putting yourself down?

Justifying it with “cultivation”

and that  is great, but without the time factor

it all means nothing.

So pull yourself together, it’s not the end yet.

I’m not exactly sure how to clear up the cobwebs in your brain,

but I know it’s not the end yet,

and that should mean that there is a way to fix this.

Do your best, and don’t let doubt win,

because if there was ever a catalyst to helping you fail,

that is doubt.

That you believe too low of yourself,

That you refuse to see the truth of the Yonki Dam in you

and choose to watch the droplets on your windows.

See that’s where you’re failing,

you fail before you fail.

So stop it now, and get back up,

it’s time you neglect and abandon what it means to doubt yourself.



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