Candle Lights

When you look at stars in the night

or the street lights

and feel alone.

And wonder what it feels like

to cease to exist

and think you’re not worth it.


That everything about you

feel like half-done jobs

halfway and never complete.


And think how those around you

have more skills, more talent and more drive

and wonder if the pinpointing of you was a mistake.


How good is God

when He pops up at the right time.

When he sees how you’re unsatisfied

and scared.


He moves His hand once again

to remind you that He’s not human

and won’t ever lie or make mistakes.


In my finite mind

I’m always looking at my lack in everything.

I never believe,

and even when I do, it’s like a flicker of a lighter

just a second I’m passionate

and the next, I’m obsolete.


Last night my candle light

was about to be blown out by the wind,

and I was about to accept unbelief in things like destiny.


But I dreamt about a manual.

A guy read a manual for Joy Kids Youth Club.

A lady read a manual for Joy Kids Youth Club.

And I was in the Greyhound bus alone, and it flipped,

and with my weight I balanced it,

and I didn’t die.


I heard that dreams sometimes are a manifestation

of your subconscious state.

Maybe may subconsciousness was opposing

the idea of a candle light blown out in the wind.

Or maybe God was stopping the wind

from blowing out my candle light.


In any case,

I’m rest assured.

That nothing about me is a mistake.

Including variables that I dislike and feel insecure about.

Like this unacknowledged tendency

to dislike “close” and “far”

with unrealistic expectations to find a moderate mark.

Even the two sides of a coin,

real soft, weak and incapable, and the other side, super aggressive, fighter and an eagle.



life has never made more sense

than this moment.


God is Good,

and His word never ever changes.

It’s living and powerful, sharper than any two edge sword,

piercing even to the division of soul and spirit

and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of thoughts and intents of the heart.


That means His Words and promises,

will not miss,

blessings will not die

whether or not you’re alive,

His Words on your life will come to pass.


Like when Joseph told the Israelites

to carry his bones to the promise land.

Whether or not he was alive was irrelevant

it still happened.


We’re finite,

our skins shed, and we die like grass

but His Word remains and will remain for eternity.


So no more unbelief

because He makes no mistakes



Let’s wake up from our slumber, dancing in the wind like vanity,

Let’s open our eyes from this long sleep that had us imprisoned.

Let’s wake up now, and follow what He said in the beginning

when you were in your mother’s womb,

and when He saw you at 23, 45, and at 72.


When He saw you in front  of the discovery of gold deposits,

and in front of cases won,

and in front of orphanages built,

and in front of patients just avoiding death.

In front of cocoa plantations, and businesses,

and computer stuff, and theme parks and apps,

Nepal and Saudi Arabia , and everywhere else on the planet.


So when you look at the stars in the night

and the street lights

don’t feel alone.

Rest assured that He’ll never leave you, nor forsake you.

He is not a man that He will ever make mistakes,

Doubting your composition only means doubting Him.


Don’t let your candle light die out

no matter how hard or incomplete it feels.

Just close your eyes,

and believe,

because that is how you keep your candle light burning.




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