Full of it, and the intention was to remove all residue.

Yet that’s how it goes.

Like Claudio Capèo’s song,

“Comment ça va, ça va, ça va, ça va
Sur ma planète ”

And it goes around and around.

The opposite effect, like a reflection of a reflection of a reflection,

each reflection full of residue

like dusts of sodium bicarbonate

that taste like vinegar.

When did the jellyfish sting?

When was stagnancy allowed to reign over the scene?

Maybe they are the birth pangs before the explosion.

Sugar reaps energy,

that causes insomnia.

So what was the cause of this GBH?

And was it s317 or s320?

The hearts that light up from

the south, the north, and east and west.

I hope they light up my room, and clear up the fog.

When your treasure seems disowned,

you cry from your soul,

but there’s always a silver lining.

So maybe it really is the low tide before the Tsunami.

The heat before the rain,

the dry before the showers

and the dishonour before the applause.

They say the ones you love most are the ones that hurt you most.

Maybe because we give them higher capacity to hurt us.

So healing takes time, forgiveness needs time.




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