Today’s Mind Blank

Dear brain, ごくろうさまでした。

You know your brain worked hard the day, when while reading articles, you listen to French songs trying too hard to understand what the words mean, then studying Crim for hours, you go to Japanese class. When the professor asks you to translate a word, something way too easy your mind blanks out.  Lol.

The professor asked the class what a particular word was, and I knew what it meant, but my English decided to go on a vacation.  The word was 超える which means to exceed.  It was so easy, but the only translation that came to my head was the Tok Pisin word for it, abrusim. When he asked me to translate it, I almost said abrusim. My friend and I later joked that I should’ve just said the word, and explain that I saw it in the Japanese dictionary just to make the class confused lol.

Today’s Japanese class was eventful.  I was clumsier than usual dropping my papers etc, the professor made me answer more questions than usual and the questions were harder than usual.  On top of that there were times when the professor not hearing what I was saying moved on to the next person and my friend and I were laughing at how my face looked like I just got rejected. It was so hilarious.

He called it revision, but all the words were completely new, and if you hadn’t done your homework, well obviously you were the dumb one.  It’s like I was the okay student until today when suddenly everyone just got boosted up to a whole new level of smart that I got left behind because I didn’t check the translation of words in the dictionary.

Whatever the case is today was a great day.  😀 And I’m not counting the blessings in sarcasm like I often do, for the purpose of trying to make my day better.  It was actually a great day. Had a lot of laughs and more laughs with friends today.

Anyway here comes the aims and objectives.

  1.  To be better at translating, and not take so long in translating phrases and sentences.  The goal is to be free from mind blanks.  I think what happens is that the three languages all race from my brain to my mouth, and none of them come out because they fight over which language to be voiced.  But yeah I know that’s just an excuse.  I bet real translators don’t even make that excuse, they’re just super fluent.
  2. Go through the remaining seven lecture recordings for Criminal Law.
  3. Study Land Law textbook.
  4. Go through Contract Law exam papers, read cases and listen to lecture recordings again.
  5. Memorize French vocabularies.
  6. Practice Kanji.
  7. Cut down on my dependency on caffeine. One of my friends said dehydration causes pimples.  Well there you go, the explanation for the recent breakouts on my face.  Actually it started with me asking if eating Salami would make you hungry easily because I noticed that two days in a row, after eating Salami for lunch, I felt really hungry after an hour.  I read recently that sometimes we confuse thirst for hunger.  And he said Salami causes dehydration. So I guess the lack of water in my system made me think I was hungry, and in addition to that, well the dehydration caused the pimples.  My other friend said stress causes break outs.  The internet lists both stress and lack of water as causes for break outs.  Apparently the hormonal imbalance from excessive release of adrenaline and cortisol causes pimples.    I guess water purifies your system, so that’s why it should clean your face from breakouts.

Okay, three weeks until exam period.  Need to endure and accomplish all these so that I can feel a sense of accomplishment.  Completing tasks actually brightens emotions I think, so yep.  がんばりましょう!I got this! Go Vanessa! ファイト!




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