Let me look at the good, and sunshine and truthfulness.

Justice to the nations, and gentleness.

I feel like a toddler with a crayon doodling on the canvas of the glorious painting God was painting on.

No wonder as humans we are so limited.

Look at the plans I tried to draw for myself.

Look at how His Word says, man may make plans, but He has the last Word.

So He prophesied almost two months ago, because He saw me at this cross road right here.

And He be like nah girl, turn back, you aint going nowhere.

So I’m back right here, with these textbooks, and limitless opportunities on the palm of my hand.

Look at how silly I am, for being so small minded.

What if there’s someone out there, that God has the biggest plan for them, and somewhere in their future, they’ll come across some battle that they’d need someone

just like me to fight for them in a legal battle.

So He be forming me and moulding me, to use me

to be a help to someone else, that could probably change and enhance someone else’s life,

who could probably change someone else life into something beautiful too.

I feel so right, like the plates that moved and caused the earthquakes look like they’re chilled now,

and everything is back to where it should be.



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