Bittersweet drops

make your heart splash

but doesn’t alter the configuration of your face.

It’s like a dismemberment of you

with one hand in the future

and the other in the past.


In effect they dance

as you lose your breath

when you see the mammoth image

of the moon striking the cold night.

Wind’s cold embrace

cracked lips, soft ears and nose

blossoms slowly falling.


Sleek and confident that yielded from ashes

paint shades on the forehead, and cheeks,

and don’t let the silhouettes scare you

because when you meet their souls, they tremble.


I learnt that it’s only as big as you let yourself believe;

the weight of mountains,

the magnitude of your legs shaking on high ropes

and the category of storms you’re soaring in.


I also proved the hypothesis

of the relationship between competency and perception,

in effect it shifts from acute to  straight angle

as your goals change when your drive

generates potent energy

because most of your help comes from above.


As you pray that He’ll carry you,

and your family never stops praying about you,

and you’re thankful for them because they even call you every time

you have an exam in the morning.



Not prone to occur,

and is as a result of a blow.

These are elements of s 23 (1) (a) willed acts

and the opposite are the elements of s 27 insanity.


Borne played the lead role as they all started

from that conversation outside E block

that stemmed from “give me a reason, even if it’s wrong.”


I learnt, the importance of excuses and defences.

No matter the situation, you always have the power to modify the outcome.

Results can vary from liabilities becoming immaterial,

to in weightier circumstances reduced liability.


I know though that the biggest force in this chain of causation

were my parents’

“ don’t you fail before you start”


“I believe in you”

even though in anyone’s eyes

I fell so short of being worthy of those words.


So I can only thank my Heavenly Father in heaven

for blessing me with such wonderful parents

that support me and love me.


To bring back fire in these eyes

mind that sees images

that it sounds like you hit enter

in a search engine.


And having your friend saying

“ I can’t see you doing anything else but this”.

I rode back home at 3:30 am

saying God, you opened this door for me

even when I was  too small-minded to believe.


So as I keep soaring to newer higher levels,

I know with certainty that it’s You,

and when I get there

it will be a testament to Your goodness,

and nothing to do with me,

because all I am is a tiny vessel on this speck of a planet,

who can’t see beyond walls of sticky notes, calendars,

and a messy desk with folders and papers everywhere.


As I sit here reflecting,

I’m again taken aback at how limited

our foresight is as ordinary persons.

This only shows how All-Knowing

powerful, and merciful God is.




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