Love Yourself

Go all deaf and blind so that time stops for a unit of eternity.

Someone said love in its purest form is discipline.  So love yourself, and discipline you.

Tell you your flaws or wrongs.  Like guns that fire brutal honesty through you.

Stop knowingly running into webs hidden in dark places.  Stop spading out excuses from the earth, only to swim in them.  Sometimes defences and excuses are comfortable. Being comfortable breeds stagnancy. Stagnancy, like a dead river, has the sand burning with frustration. Frustration brings anger.  Anger brings sadness mixed with bitterness.

Let the river flow.  Make it flow.  Drink bitter tea, and ride in the cold winds.  So that the stars will shine brighter than they were before.  So the mountains won’t hide the moonlight anymore.

Write it all down, even the most impossible ones.  Then get a nail and a hammer, and start.  Work and prove to yourself how much you love yourself.



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