Third Day

Third day.

First week great.

Monday’s contract.  Tuesday Public International Law (elective) and Criminal Law.  Wednesday torts.


So contract law, was discharge of contract by agreement, and by performance.  Divisible contracts, Steele v Tardiani.  Substantial performance, Hoenig v Isaacs.

Public International Law was treaties.  That internet was Public International Law in operation.

Criminal law was offences against morality.  Pretty gross and sad stuff.  Indecent dealings with children.  Meaning of indecent depending on context.  Drago case.  Offences against person with intellectual impairment.  Consent.  Rape, sexual assault.  Chapter 22 of Criminal Code 1899 Qld.

Torts was negligence.  Today though was basically corrective justice and distributive justice.  Donoghue v Stevenson.  Cole v South Tweed Heads Rugby Club. Majority judges in view of personal responsibilities, minority view Kirby.  He said the club was liable for the intoxicated woman’s injury from being hit by a vehicle outside the premises of the club.  In 2002, insurance companies blamed lawyers for going into liquidation, so the country took steps to come up with something new.  okay, I’ll be honest, I vaguely understood this part.  But at least I understood how distributive justice works.

I’m so keen though! Totally love my subjects!!

Also I made a pact with one of my friends to be accountable so I have to write a study plan for tonight lol.



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