Evanescent Treasures

One over the other

Or one after the other.

And climb up like rock climbing, or maybe cliffs when you’re the only one hanging.

Look as far as you can, see sunlight, and rivers and dreams and plans.

Then one and two three, come and hold hands with you.

Sometimes you let go, sometimes they do.

In the times you hold hands, it lasts, but I know nothing lasts forever.

You’re only learning, and you’re only human.

So one over the other,

Or one after the other.

Let’s laugh, let’s run, let’s live together.

Then giant concretes crack, and plates shift.

New game.

Start over, and learn again.

Or live again.

Give your all every single time, but foreshadowing of earthquakes sometimes grip you with fear.

So you treasure and live everyday by giving your all.

In your disrespect, don’t forget that we’re humans.

So every three seconds, do remember honour, and respect.

Also foundational Words, and other words.

I’ve learnt so much.

When you close your doors, and the effect thereof.

Or when you open them and the implications that come with it.

Be strong, be weak, just know when each are appropriate.

Be heartful, be heartless, just know yourself enough to confidently choose.

I guess what I’m trying to say in these convoluted parable looking lines is that

Basically treasure while things last because every factual matrix that you find yourself enclosed in

Nothing is ever in vain, and nothing ever is void.

Things have purpose, people breathe purpose, and the fact that you came into contact with essentially every single person around you,

God loves them, and He placed them strategically in your life

Whatever the period, whatever the reason; He knows it all.

Treasure, treasure, just love and treasure.

Because one over the other,

Or one after the other.

It is your life and you’re probably climbing right now.



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