Independent Day

Remember back then when you wrote Evanescent Treasures?

Good on you Vanessa for predicting the future.


One step out of your shell, and it feels like burning coals.

Poke your head out and you see fiery darts trying to hit your cheeks.


We need wake up calls

Like the one I received in the morning

To tell you, you’re a catalyst.


22:53 when the reflection on the windowpane told me

About character building.


But hey, everyone needs excuses to blow up or show their true colours,

Maybe she needed that as an excuse to vent out herself.


I think fate, and events in your life don’t happen as a result of coincidences.

They happen because it’s all planned, like a plot in a movie with plot twists

That everything was meant to happen.


So coal and darts,

Even the constant jokers and clowns

They probably were meant to be the natural disasters that build up character.


If you were so comfortable,

Will you even grow?

You need to be squeezed, like squeezing out glory from inside you.

Glory in terms of good things.

Say, good character, squeezed out of you,

Like squeezing an empty juice box and being surprised at how much is still in there.


I think another thing would be clarity.

Just eagle’s eye to see clearly.

Stunning how the cycle is so congruent

How the preparation of the news called for clearance.

It’s like déjà vu, except that the events are five months apart.



So in the name of clarity,

Happy independent day.






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