Her bubbly brown eyes, said previously worked at the firm before this placement.  That A+ student in class until you meet her and it’s a huge push when you talk with each other at work. Her wide sparkly green eyes, has to work more hours after this.  That random student in class until you meet her and she turns into a fighter you marvel at. Five years of journey before the seat.  That solicitor that’s the boss, until you remember her story and it’s invigorating.

Have you ever felt like you took one step higher on a ladder when you meet certain people because shaking hands with them makes you feel the weight of your incomplete painting? I felt so incomplete. Felt like part of me was unfinished.  Like if my portrait was being drawn, half of my body would’ve been incomplete.

That’s how much of a motivation shot I got today.  Like an immunization shot. It’s like when you get on the sky rail and the higher you go, the further you can see beyond the horizon. It was too much my hands were shaking on my way home. Maybe because the hands knew they had to write, or do something that push the portrait closer to completion.


I love how just when you think you’re comfortable, God suddenly throws you into situations where you have to see how small you are, so that in your own eyes your ego doesn’t inflate, but somehow you’re getting bigger.

I think it’s like every time you grow and become a bigger fish, He removes you from the shrinking pond and throws you into a bigger pond, so as a small fish, you have to work.  Work because the standard goes higher, so compared to the precedent standard you last met, you suddenly become insufficient.  I love it.

Today makes another day of realizing how much I don’t know.  So here we go again.  Another new.  An exciting challenge that marks the new milestone.



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