When you relate to something you hate about you, you criticize.

It’s psychological projection.

There was this spot on me, and people picked on it.

Then I realized that they tried to pluck it off of me because that spot was also on them.

That what they judge is probably what they’re insecure or conscious about.

I guess that’s how you can process things without taking it personal lol.

Also it makes sense what Jesse Duplantis was saying when he said people judge what they’re guilty of.


I thought the following extract from Pyschology Today was pretty cool.

“That’s exactly how it works psychologically. Some issue has been pushed into the unconscious. But that issue has energy and is constantly looking for release from its prison in the unconscious. So, it projects it through the lenses of the eye—a convex psychological eye that can only look at the external world rather than the internal one—and the issue is suddenly seen in someone else. ” – Projection and Identity by Andrea Matthews




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