Gold Coins

What is your scope

How far can you jump

How much are you willing to gamble for this?


Every time the dice is rolled

When it falls on a flawed face

and it rocks or wavers

Till the boat feels like sinking


My head feels messed up

And I wonder if faith is enough

To take a chance

grazing in the possibility of losing

The gold coins in my hands.


Someone before me

and the person before that someone

sacrificing their change

that I could be abundant


Yet I create a glitch

When I don’t learn

From glories I learnt in braille.


But now I’m in that uncomfortable place

Where the consequence of

gold coins or the absence thereof

Could either way potentially send a bullet



So to hurt or be hurt.

Those before me selflessly chose to be hurt

Should I follow precedent

Or should I be reckless and progressive?



I almost appreciate

How they can be selfless

I know how to do it


The bigger question is

Which option can I live with

To hurt and walk away injured knowing you hurt?

Or be hurt and stay knowing you could have walked away injured?


This is the dilemma of the gold coins

Like you put a dollar in a slot machine

And see if you’d hit or miss


Then spend five hundred more hours

Wondering about the alternatives

Of what could have been.



One thought on “Gold Coins

  1. The Gold Coins…something of value? Or someone that is so close that their value is immeasurable?
    The option to hurt and walk away injured because you hurt or stay…….
    To not want to let go because you believe that what you have is of outmost value


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