Before everything.

Before my future that means the world to me.

Before my present, and before everything that has any value in life.

Before it all.  Please.



I’ll ignore how the threat of the linchpin falling out

Shook everyone to their core.

Hyperventilating in the library

or having your sister’s voice cut off on the phone

or you’re dad researching solutions online

none of it should matter right now.


All I know and believe in right now;

the vision of never ever ever again

Feeling blades through your head

Agonizing for hours, days, months and years.


I choose to believe that those flowers, and gardens

Will be planted by you, smiling wholeheartedly

Where the nights when you couldn’t sleep

Or afternoons when you sit with your head in your hand

Will be no more.


You said that God has done countless miracles in our lives.

I wondered how you could be that strong,

but I’m learning too.


Oh Lord, who by Your stripes we are healed,

Please, before everything please.





2 thoughts on “Please.

  1. You’ve written this beautifully. I like the honesty, the guts and the creative style of writing. This is definitely a good read and I am totally amazed. Great stuff! I hope you could follow my blog page, if you don’t mind. Cheers! 🙂


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