Light Bulbs

Last night I came out of my room and saw my roommate dressed as a hobo.  I burst out laughing because she’s usually one of the best dressed people I know. She looks at my outfit, that’s all-grey, and how I’m wearing socks with slippers and laughs as well.

We’re walking out and notice that almost everyone is either in grey or black looking like the world is about to end.  Met four other girls talking about how exam period is basically mourning period and that’s why everyone is in gloomy clothes😂 😂

I missed this.  Everyone going in for dinner, playing pool or table tennis. Seeing everyone else just living life (stress-fully right now) makes me feel excited about my life again.  I think it’s the echoes of youth that’s motivating me. It’s like warm light bulbs lighting me up again.


I’m an entity, everyone else is too.

They’re paying full rent and don’t have to worry about water, wifi or electricity.

Just like me.

They’re stressed as hack and don’t have full time jobs.

Just like me.

I feel stronger today than I felt yesterday.




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