Happens every time.

No matter how slippery or elusive the ring chains are connected

There is always a sense of loss when they break.

I hope her twenty-one hour flight back to her home is safe

I pray that she will be blessed tremendously

I’m thankful that she was a great roommate.

We meet the most random people

Share snippets of our lives

Barely know each other

Yet know the smell of their shampoo

or type of takeout or alcohol,

or the times they leave for class.

It’s weird yet so normal.

That three people from completely different worlds

Would be distant yet close.

Knowing each other when plumbing needed fixing

Or when we get locked out of rooms.

I assume

The smell of detergent penetrating the air from laundry

Or the smell of clouds that drench the air on the weekends

will not be missed.

I can’t deny the fact though that the sound of doors closing and

The image of her rolling two suitcases with a backpack

In the slightest way makes me sigh.


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