While I was at the airport on my way home, I wrote thank you letters to my parents. I guess I wanted to start this thing where near or around my birthday I want to write letters to my parents.

Twenty-four isn’t a special age, but just like dad always says, “create your own world”. So I’m making 24 special by starting to write this.

Dear Mum and Dad,

Looks like my heart has been beating healthily for the past twenty-four years.

Thank you for being the two pillars that hold me up through sunny days, stormy nights, and cloudy mediocre afternoons. Thanks for being the light houses that guide me every time there’s crashing doctrines and ideologies around me.

You continuously teach me to bloom like mum’s pink rose in this post. Irrespective of where I am, or whom I’m with I want to be like you guys, beaming in worship as God’s creation. Please continue to be my guidelines and foundations that I live up to.

It’s a little strange to say this because I don’t see any difference in my personhood, but I think I feel slightly (seriously really really sightly like 0.2mg) older than yesterday.

So Rory was in the kitchen cooking, I was sitting on the kitchen floor, and playfully hugging his leg. I turned, then saw my reflection in the oven and had a bittersweet feeling sweep over me.

Once upon a time I did this exact thing. Once upon years and years ago when I was a little girl. I playfully hugged my dad’s leg when he was playing the guitar. I remember laughing with Kathryn on dad’s foot because we were following the rhythm that dad would move his feet to.

Anyway, my point is. Omg I’m growing up, like what. I think it’s just this thing where, every year you’re just cruising in life heavily depending on pillars that support you, then one day something random wakes or strikes you, and you think omg. I’m not seven anymore, that’s weird, I thought I still was.

To dad,

Dad please continue to play your guitar filling up the atmosphere with God’s presence. Please continue to love your children the way you always have. Literally am so thankful that we as your children got to know you after you were born again because we got to see the God-planned you that is so good to us. Thank you so much for being such a great dad.

I’ve always seen you as a superhero growing up, and thought you were the greatest dad ever. Not surprisingly, I still genuinely see you as the greatest dad ever, and I know for a fact that I will always see you as the greatest dad.

Your actions and words have been and will continue to be the templates I write my life with. You taught me a lot about having visions, to think ahead, to plan and map out everything. You taught me to look beyond what is around me, see everything as they could be, to dream, to visualize and work towards it. Thank you for always being on my side growing up.

Also, I don’t always say this because I must say the pressure is pretty hard sometimes, but thanks for having extremely big shoes to fill, and thanks for having high demanding expectations that force me to do things beyond my comfort zones. Classic example that I always remember is when I was thirteen and fourteen, you told me to choreograph creative dances. I was sure I couldn’t. Did it anyway, and ended up doing it throughout my teenage years. Thanks!

Sincerely appreciate it and am very thankful.

To mum,

Mum please always be my mum. Yep, strange thing to say but I feel like the word mother basically holds it all.

Heart of a mother I think ( I wouldn’t know, but I read it somewhere) has the deepest bond, because not only do you carry the fruit of your womb for nine months, you have this ability where you have love and believe in your children even if you’re the only one standing there believing in them.

*sniff, (like I shouldn’t cry, I’m at the international airport in pom, like no, don’t cry vanessa, keep writing).

I really need you, so please be by my side. I really need you to see the visions come to life, so you can see the dam explode. The name of my blog, saturitas, was based off your vision/dream of dam exploding. The concept of water, and how water saturates and fills up. You once said you’ll be here till that damn explodes because I said I needed you here. Please keep your promise.

That was a bit teary.

Now back to today.
Thank you for making my birthday great. It was the best birthday because I obviously love it when it’s a small intimate birthday party of just family. It makes it more chilled. 😀 Thank you again.

There’s no way I’ll forget how thoughtful it all was. Weeks of planning, for the big surprise, and I LOVE SURPRISES ❤ . Kathryn’s sleek actions of sneaking in S9, hahah who knew you were nervous on Monday when I said “I have a feeling you brought me gifts”. Mum quickly snatching the bag so I wouldn’t know of your plans hahah thank you so much <3.

To top it all off we had the biggest lunch at LCH. I’m the luckiest 24 year old.
I have to say, waking up to the birthday song I thought (obviously after the first few seconds of being grumpy because you guys woke me up), coming home for my birthday was genius!

I love you all very very much.


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