When you have flashbacks

Of the many times you fell, drowned or were walked all over


Not to tear up.

Take a minute

To do plank and breathe in and out.

Once your blood flow feels normal again.

Mind knows you’re strong.

When its considering the facts it knows it’s silly to cry .

Yet the eyes, always seem to be in contempt.

They have a stronger bond with the soul

Communicating without the mind’s consent

Radioing each other, sending signals and alarms.

So loyal

when your heart is sinking

they sink with it.

Before you know it

You’re walking away

Trying so hard to hide your flooding face.

Put mascara, do your eyebrows, pamper

your face up.

Even when your throat is heated

your nose red and your eyes inflate

Laugh it off ,don’t let it beat you.

Walk out a winner.

Conceale it with brush

Walk out smiling

Knowing you didn’t lose today.


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