Such hopeless times we live in

When birds chirp but it’s only beautiful for a second

When dogs howl but it’s only sad for a minute.

I’m sorry, excuse me.

Really,where did life go?

How do we sit here waiting?

Waiting as though there never was fire.

Hear the children

They play and sing, laugh and squeal

How come their voices damp the air for but a moment

Their light so short

Or is it that our hearts have withdrawn so deep

We’re too far to be reached.

Maybe if we can’t cry

The moon will mourn

And if we can’t yell in frustration

The stars will explode

And if, after all these, we still can’t

Then maybe we’re better off falling like dry petals that used to be

Vibrant pink, yellow and white roses.

I hope you flame like fiery dusk

The scarlet colour that’s volatile

I pray you remember and act upon

The surge of passion and excitement that you’ve always had

I need you to feel it all again

The passion, the energy, the strength

If not with your mind and body, then at least with your being

To breathe it all in again

Like the colour of dusk

Red for passion

And sky blue.

Sky blue for hope,


You’re the strongest human

I know you know too well

It’s probably just my mind playing up

But when you said you were here waiting

I thought of dusk

And how I vehemently refuse to accept



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