Yes, I’m desperate

Yes, I’m lonely and needy. 

Half the time I feel like screaming. 

The other half, I’m blocking these random urges to cry, and I don’t even know why I need to cry.  

All I want is a shoulder to cry on, and a little hug

Is that really too much to ask?

Why is being alone glorified so much? 

Be independent, be strong, be amazing. 

Put foundation and feel happy for two seconds,

Feel like a doll, feel like Ariana Grande

And wake up at 2:30 am crying for no real reason. 

Look, I know I’ll be okay

I know for a fact that I will be strong alone,

But I wish I could just get a decent hug and a decent laugh. 

That’s why I’m obsessing over this faith thing that I don’t seem to be so good at. 


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