I’m Vanessa. This is my personal blog with poems, prose, and diary entries.

I love writing, because it allows you to travel to places without even leaving.  🙂 Also if it can in anyway make you feel good, it will totally make my day!

It should be full of things I like or believe in so I might as well write them here.

So firstly, I believe in God in Heaven, how He sent down His precious Son Jesus to die on the Cross for our sins. How He loves us, planned really cool stories for our lives even before we were born.  Most of the time I’ve found that my imagination totally falls short of the doors He opens for me.  Let’s not kid ourselves, His plans are the best. 🙂

Secondly, I love and cherish my family.  There’s my parents, my dad is the kind of guy that tells you that you can do anything. He inspires and tells you to climb until you fly to where you dream of going.  There’s my mum, who has faith in you when you fall, and shows you love even when you think you’re such a failure. Her hugs are literally the warmest in the world.  Kathryn my younger sister and best friend, is smart and talented, and if there’s one thing that I admire most about her, it is her ability to endure.  Okay maybe others will call it consistency, but that’s how I see it. Elisha my younger brother is really smart with mechanical things, and is really strong.  😀 He’s passionate when it comes to sports. Sometimes I remember how when he was a toddler he used to run from one side of the house to the other, bumping into walls, falling and laughing so hard.  Then there is my most adorable, cute and lovely baby sister.  She’s twelve, and she’s the baby of the family.  She plays guitar, sings and has a personality where you’ve got to admire, respect, and totally love! ❤

Thirdly, I consider the people around me as really important, and that I’m really blessed to have every single one of them. That includes my friends, and everyone else I’ve met or come into contact with.

Then there’s me.  If you had to draw me as a cartoon and draw bubbles of thoughts above my head, it would include things like volleyball, rugby, learning guitar, learning Japanese and French, playing piano, flights back to PNG for the holidays to see my family, bus rides to Townsville to see my sister Kathryn, and staring at the world map.

Oh and lastly, I’m a uni student.  So sometimes I will write about my classes.

Okay that pretty much sums up who I am.

I hope you enjoy reading! 😀