Pull me down I want to be Each key on a piano.   Sink me deep Below the ruins of shipwreck And far below, down to the ocean floors.   Close my eyes I need to be the rich cool piano notes That perfuse dry humid air.   To dampen, to shower To be the … Continue reading Trickle



While I was at the airport on my way home, I wrote thank you letters to my parents. I guess I wanted to start this thing where near or around my birthday I want to write letters to my parents. Twenty-four isn’t a special age, but just like dad always says, “create your own world”. … Continue reading 24


What if my grave has millions and millions of gold nuggets. What if I keep walking till I walk down into the box What if it’s so full of everything I’ve always wanted. What if all I’m doing is chasing air. What if none of it ever comes true?