So many things boil inside Like a hot lava inside the pot of your heart   It screeches deep into you You pray but you feel so far   Antagonized, no one understands Patronized, no one sees.   Bury your face in legal arguments They cure you for a second   Then you’re back to … Continue reading Free



おうちに帰りたい I stumbled upon this song, and now I relate so  much to this. 今泣き虫で家に帰りたいわたし。 うるさい兄弟。わたしのかぞく。Literally miss the noise so much.  I miss the atmosphere at home.  Music, noise, just noise I miss noise. はやくおうちにかえりたい。


What if my grave has millions and millions of gold nuggets. What if I keep walking till I walk down into the box What if it’s so full of everything I’ve always wanted. What if all I’m doing is chasing air. What if none of it ever comes true?